Event and Party Catering at Felix and Oscars!

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Do you want a restaurant quality meal or catered food? When  you need a great meal for your group , whether it’s for your company, family, business event, visiting team etc, you can call a caterer and get catered food, or you can call F&O’s and be served a restaurant quality meal! F&O’s Catering is also affordable. Why do catering companies charge such high prices? Because it’s the only thing they offer. F&O’s is a true full service restaurant that offers numerous food related services to our valued guests.

We also understand that different events require different levels of service. While some events are simply delivering food for immediate dining, other events call for a buffet line and attendants. We are capable of providing any level of custom service you desire.

Catering delivery radius is 40 miles from our location. Delivery charge is $1 per mile

Please Remember: Your meal selections are not limited to our catering or restaurant menu. We have prepared Prime Rib, Mesquite Pork Chops, a variety of Chicken entrees, Vegetarian and Vegan meals. As we like to say, as long a you don’t need “Ice Carvings” Felix & Oscar’s is at your service.

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